About Us

Fairview International Co., Ltd. and it's subsidiary, Sun Gift Corporation is an Asian based exporter. We offer a mix of fresh new ideas and classic best selling products. Many products are designed by our in-house team; we also specialize in developing custom product designs.

Products are manufactured in our associate factories with supervision by our staff. Participating factories are clean and safe, providing training and employment for hundreds of skilled workers and artisans.

Our Taiwan, Hong Kong and China offices include a team of professional design, merchandising, marketing and customer service personnel. We have our own inspectors in China to assure our high quality standards are maintained.

The Fairview/Sun Gift Team understands your requirements and your customer's needs. Let us make use of our experience to work for you!

Fairview/Sun Gift Team is dedicated to providing the quality, service and competitive prices demanded by customers all over the world. This dedication has made Fairview a leading supplier to the U.S. and European markets. Fairview has grown at a phenomenal rate during the past 20 years. You are invited to grow with us!